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Up On Lanier Private Reports

Step 1. Be a registered member on Up On Lanier 

Step 2. Subscribe to premium reports via PayPal ($20/month) or send check using form below. 

  • Attention! Upgrade of account may take up to 48 hours. Each account is upgraded manually. 

  • If e-mail on PayPal account is different than e-mail on Up on Lanier registration please e-mail Capt. Clay at catchingnotfishing@yahoo.com with your current Up on Lanier user name. 

  • Please keep username and password private. IP address is logged each time forum is accessed. If more than two IP addresses are used to access account, the account may be terminated at any time. 


"Thank you for interest in Up on Lanier. This private section of the forum was formed to help offset some of the expenses I have been incurring over the years. In this private section, detailed reports will be given on a weekly basis. You will also be able to ask questions and post questions that are only visible to subscribers. Subscribers will also be able to post their on reports where only other subscribers can see. Other benefits will also be given to subscribers at various times. See you on the pond." Capt. Clay C

If you would like to subscribe to Up on Lanier Private Reports please click on one of the PayPal links above and fill out the form at their secure https site. 

Common Questions

How do I cancel my subscription? Log into your PayPal account and cancel subscription. If any problems please contact Capt. Clay at 770-630-2673.

I do not want to use Paypal. Can I send a check? Yes a check is no problem. Please prepay in 6 month increments or more.  Please print the following form and mail it in with your check. 

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