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Lake Lanier Striped Bass


Lake Lanier


Lake Lanier Stripers

Lake Lanier Stripers

When you mention Lake Lanier, the one thing that comes up is the striper fishing on lake Lanier. Lake Lanier has some of the best striped bass fishing in the United States. It is hard to believe some of the best fishing in Georgia is just outside of Atlanta, GA. On a more recent note, the Lake Lnaier record striepd bass was just caught in early 2010 weighing in at forty seven and a half pounds. Below are some of the most common questions people ask about the striper fishing on Lake Lanier.

Do the stripers reproduce on Lake Lanier? The stripers go through the act of  spawning on Lake Lanier however the river system does not have the proper conditions for survival of the eggs. All of the strieprs in lake Lanier are stocked by the Georgia Dpet. of Natural Resources.

Can you catch stripers during the hot summer months? Yes, some of the best fishing for stripers comes during the hottest part of the Summer. Check out the video below for some Summer striped bass action.

When is the best time to go striper fishing on Lake Lanier? The striper fishing on Lake Lanier continues year round. Some of the biggest lake Lanier stripers are caught during the coldest months of the year. The peak time is considered to be from early February to the middle of April.

Are freshwater stripers the same as the stripers in the ocean? Yes they are exactly the same.

Do the stripers on Lake Lanier school on topwater like they do in the ocean? Yes during certain months of the year the stripers on Lake Lanier school on top and will actively chase topwater plugs.


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Lake Lanier Stripers


lake Lanier Striper



Lake Laneir Striper


Lake Lanier Striper