Went out with Big bend charters in Steinhatchee, FL a few weeks back and had two great days of fishing (one day in the flats, one of shore) Caught a lot fish on the off shore trip despite poor weather thanks to having a great guide. Our day in the flats didn't produce much as I was the guide. I did a copy paste from the Big Bend Charter Facebook page below. As you can read we had a medical emergency on the boat about 3 hours offshore. There is no replacement for a great captain (one with experience and training) when an emergency arises in really rough seas. My friend involved in the situation is OK. Its a reminder to all of us while fishing to observant of the people we are with and to make safety a priority. Even on lake Lanier, when I hear of accidents, I always think to myself they were either drinking or being careless. That is not always the case. I would encourage all in the group to not only take care of those on your boat, but be acutely aware of others.

Big Bend Charters
September 19
Very thankful for living in a small town, where people do know what is going on and come out to help! Special Thank you Charlie Norwood, Sea Hag Marina, for your quick response. Thankful for our emergency personnel that are quick to respond and able to meet the boat in route! Thankful for our friends at the dock that were there to offer assistance and support too!
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Rodney Austin

Nakia Brooks - Words can't even express the amount of gratitude that we have for everyone in Steinhatchee and for Sea Hag Marina - I have been coming down there for several years, never in a million years have I ever seen anything like we experienced on the boat with you Capt B - We are so thankful for your experience, your calmness and your determination to make sure that our friend Storey survived his medical emergency. From the people at SeaHag making things happen (Launching a boat in 2 mins to get the Paramedics enroute to us), all the people at the dock to assist us in getting him off the boat, to the people that were just overly willing to help us even after he had been life flighted to Tallahassee to ensure we got there as quickly as possible to get to our friend who was by himself! This was a trip of 6 guys from a small town church that have known each other less than a year! This trip has bonded us in only a way that our Lord could make us bond! We look forward to coming down and visiting you again real soon, Storey just says he will have dinner ready for us next time we when we get back to shore Thanks again to you and Steve on the boat and all your friends and neighbors at Sea Hag!

Storey was a church this morning, praising our Lord for allowing him to live another day to serve and continue sharing His great name! God Bless You All!

Nakia, Ritch, Rodney, Chris, Doug & most importantly Storey!!!
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Big Bend Charters - The Lord is always in control regardless of any situation. This time I was blessed to be the simple tool able to turn the ships wheel. Love from brother in Christ. Brian
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Rodney Austin

Big Bend Charters - Good Report on the gentleman that was sick. He is in Tallahassee and responding well! Just so thankful for the support of a great community!